cadcam systems



The primary CADCAM systems that we use are Sirona CEREC in-lab, Renishaw Exocad, 3 Shape, Nobel Procera and Straumann CARES.

All of these systems give us the ability to produce an array of restorative solutions directly milled in the lab. The milled units are of exceptional quality and are hand finished by our skilled technicians to deliver beautifully fitting crowns, bridges and implant units in a range of materials.


We have invested in the latest 3D printing technology to produce high quality temporary bridges and crowns, models and surgical drill guides from digital files using the latest materials.

  • Are there limitations to the types of work that can be milled?

    We can mill more or less any type of unit from a single crown or multi-unit bridge to a denture bar or implant abutment. Some implants retained over denture bars can also be milled in-house, however depending on the case we may opt to use an external milling centre for highly complex work.

  • Which external milling centres do you use?

    With the software we have we can use a range of services, however we usually use Nobel Biocare, Renishaw, Skillbond or Supra Solutions as they offer excellent products and services.

  • Are there limitations to the materials that can be milled using CADCAM?

    No not really, as CADCAM can be used to mill a range of metal, ceramic and composite materials to meet the needs of most clinicians.

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