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If you wish to send us a case, our courier service leaves at 12.00 noon, so please telephone before for same day collection. Completed cases will be returned on the day prior to your patient’s appointment where time allows. Please indicate the exact date and time of the patient's appointment to help us deliver on time.

We operate a free first class postal system. Please allow for delivery times when making appointments. Registered post is available at an extra cost. If for any reason you require a shorter finishing time, please telephone as we will always aim to meet your requirements.

Products can often be completed quicker than conventional work (also see ‘Crowns in a Day’ service)

Please fill in all details, shade, type of work etc. to help us achieve the quality you require. All duplicate copies are retained by the lab on completion for our records.

We put great care and effort into our models as we consider this to be an extremely important stage. All impressions are cast and evaluated according to our DAMAS procedure. If we have any doubts as to the accuracy, you will be asked to confirm or retake impressions. WITH THIS SYSTEM WE KEEP REMAKES TO A MINIMUM.

Remakes to new impressions are charged at one third price.

You will receive an invoice with each completed case. A statement will follow at the end of the same month, to be settled in full after 28 days. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts. Sending us a case to complete will be taken as acceptance of these conditions.

For a full explanation of our terms & conditions click here.

Final inspection on solid model ensures a correct fit every time. All work is signed and checked by the Registered technician involved and signed for final inspection by a senior registered technician.

A shade match is when we carefully try to match the colour of your existing teeth. You will get the chance to discuss the aesthetics i.e. colour, shape, size and any other thoughts you may have directly with the technician who will be making your restoration. This way we know exactly what you want and it ensures we can do our best work for you.

VITA Easyshade Advance 4.0

On arrival you’ll be shown to the area for shades and here we will discuss your requirements. We will then proceed to take a couple of photos of your teeth and discuss them. We will answer any questions you may have and explain all the stages. We will show you exactly how your new teeth will be designed on the computer using CAD. All in all the process should take around 15 – 20 minutes. Please make a note of any questions you need to ask at your shade match appointment.

Natural Colour Concept Shades

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