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Someone asked me if after twenty two years I was sorry to be leaving the old lab? I replied ‘I can’t wait!’.

Above can be seen the old lab and the new. Ready for a fresh start.
It was with very tired limbs we all finished at 7pm yesterday , completing an eleven hour day, the third long day in a row.
We have everything ready tested and set for tomorrow, our first day in our new home after 22 years in the old building.
We still have lots of work to do in order to achieve our aims of providing a CADCAM training facility and a denture clinic but we will get there soon.
We have a great team and we’re all excited about the future.
It is this team, and I include our partner businesses who have helped and supported us along with builders, electrician and data cable guy that have made this happen.
So we now turn the page on 22 years and start the new chapter!
What’s the title?
The Digital Evolution: part 2

Thanks to all my employees! You were brilliant!

Stephen Green

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