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Intelligent Dental Design

The importance of using a verification jig on implant bridgework is beyond question but the conventional doesn’t do any more than confirm the fit.

Ensuring a passive and accurate fit not only saves time but should also eliminate costly remakes, expensive for both dentist and lab and very inconvenient for the patient.

At Stephen Green Dental Studio we have developed through our CADCAM technology a way to add more value to this already essential stage of the process.

By utilising the CADCAM process we can not only produce a verification jig that is accurate and passive but we can have this designed as a full contour bridge and milled in-house in PMMA.

The benefits to the dentist of this are that the following can be easily checked: Fit, Occlusion and Aesthetics.

If there are any variations in the occlusion it can be adjusted and we can re-articulate and copy scan to amend the final design before milling the final prosthesis.

The benefits for the patient are that they have a good idea at an early stage of what the aesthetics will look like and it will prevent unnecessary visits.

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